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  • Are Alpacas safe to visit ?
    Alpacas are naturally gentle animals and they are quite shy. They are breed on farms and handled more so become friendly. However please be aware this is an animal and as such does not like sudden large movements or loud noises.
  • Recommened childrens ages
    We like everyone to enjoy their Alpaca walk and as you can choose to walk an alpaca individually we recommend children who wish to walk an alpaca be 8 years and older. Younger children can walk with parents, brother and sisters but should keep calm with no sudden movements or shouting. Our feeding experiences are open to all ages.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Alpacas are naturally guarding animals and respond differently to different dogs. We operate a no dog policy please, although we are on a quiet lane where you can walk your dog away from the Alpacas.
  • Do you operate in wet weather ?
    Yes , with living in Britain unfortunatley it rains. We are quite happy to continue your walk. Feeding can be done inside. We will not walk in snow or if the ground becomes too flooded.
  • Can I own just one Alpaca?
    No, Alpacas do not like being on their own, in fact it can make them so depressed they may die. An ideal size of first herd is 3 Alpacas. Contact us to discuss further.
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