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Hello, Just a few words about our Journey. We have Started our farm with an aim to help people who have been living with various conditions or are waiting for diagnosis. We have had the waiting experience twice and know how it feels - it took years for both of our children to obtain diagnosis. Here at our farm we are trying to provide a safe place to visit, help and a place to share information.

My Story

I left starting a family till late in my life but have been blessed with a son Harry who is now 11 yrs old and a daughter  Clara who is now 6 yrs old. Harry has been diagnosed High Functioning Autistic with ADHD and Clara has a rare genetic disorder -TrisomyX ( 47 chromosomes 1 extra than normal in every cell) this gives her global learning delay. Both diagnoses took years to obtain and put us through a great deal of stress and anquish.

We are extremley lucky to own a small piece of Land in the beautiful village of Burnaston, Derbyshire. It is lovely, quiet and we raise our Alpacas here. The idea was to create a small farm in peaceful soothing surroundings. We know the benefits these beautiful creatures have on our children and would love to share. This will be very personal journey  - our intention is not to have large crowds or turn our farm into a major attraction. We wish to keep the calm and serenity of the surroundings whilst offer a feeding, walking, learning experience.

We have formed a club - PASTEL - Peaceful Alpaca Soothing Time Education & Learning. Through this we intend to structure the help and support we wish to offer. There is currently no charge for this instead we just ask for a donation towards the Alpaca upkeep.


We are looking for volunteers to help organise a small area within our farm which is intended to be a produce growing area. Thereby creating a space for people to help farm, grow produce and sell to the local community to help fund the next batch of seeds. This area will become a community shared project and open to anyone who wishes to volunteer. This has been well received and we are currently compling a list of volunteers

*BREAKING NEWS* We are currently completely revamping our farm and have several plans submitted to the local council planning dept so hopefully should have permissions soon. Keep an eye on our website for updates and photos of our progress.

UPDATE APR 23 - We have now been granted planning permission and are looking for volunteers in all areas - we are building tracks, fencing, building, farm garden, chicken sheds, wild flower meadow and much much more - email us to register your interest -

If you feel you or someone you know would benefit from this please do not hesitate to contact us.

Terry & Natalie

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