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Family Owned Derbyshire Alpaca Farm

Clary Meadows Alpacas was conceived in 2017, when Husband and wife, Terry and Natalie Rooney combined their love of their children and animals to bring a company that could share that feeling. We have seen how our animals help our children and this formed the basis of our business.

Our Alpaca farm is young and we started with just a single male "Mr Mick". Through our network of close friends we quickly built a quality herd and in 2019 witnessed our first cria "Ace" and also attended our first show with "Lashes" who was highly placed amongst some of the countries finest males! We have had some 15 cria since and have been placed at several events since with "Meg" winning first Prize at the Yorkshire show 2022.

We have also offer temporary home to other Alpacas when their owners needed a break either for holidays or when their paddocks needed a rest.

Currently we have 36 Alpacas and as our business grows we are determined to provide many happy memories for all those people we meet along our Journey. All of our visits are exclusive meaning you and your party have the Alpacas with their babies to yourself and along with our expert guides ensure you have a truely unique experience. We can cater for everyone so why not come and meet us....



Our mission at Clary Meadows Alpacas is twofold. First, we strive to provide a farm for people who wish to learn and enjoy these special animals, creating lifelong memories and also educate helping anyone who wish to purchase high quality animals, and other specialty items. Secondly, we make it a rule to only partake in responsible farming in order to protect our environment and surroundings. Our amazing Farm is exactly what you and your family or classroom need to enjoy a great day outdoors. To learn more about our responsible farming techniques and products, walks, feeding experiences, Therapy sessions at care homes and schools, event attendance including weddings, Film & TV apperances, please get in touch.



Our Alpacas are only fed the finest products and we do not use weedkillers or pesiticides on any of our land. When required we employ the only registserd Alpaca vet in Derbyshire and our fleeces are shorn by a shearer from Wales who has many years experience.We aim to create a superior blood line through a very careful mating programme.

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